Congratulations! You are one step closer to your appointment as a New York City Firefighter.

18 Weeks of Hard Work

While at the FDNY Training Academy you'll undergo 18 weeks of intensive work, your overall grade in the Fire Academy will be 50 percent based on in-class exams and academics, and 50 percent on your physical fitness performance and test scores.

Video Series

This video series is an important tool in your quest to become a NYC Firefighter and you should review each of these videos carefully until you understand the information, techniques and procedures presented. A study guide and other resource links are can be found below.

These videos were produced to help you prepare for the rigorous academic and physical demands of Probationary Firefighter School. While the information presented in this series is intended to help you prepare for this training, it is up to you to review the materials presented and begin preparing now for the Academy.

Start NOW

Do not procrastinate. The information presented must be learned before you enter probationary firefighter school. FDNY has lost too many candidates because they weren't prepared for firefighter school. FDNY hopes this video series helps you in achieving your goal of becoming a New York City Firefighter. Best of Luck.